Friday, 20 March 2009

Where am I?

Sorry the Series Spotlight wasn't up today but I have a big essay deadline for tomorrow at the moment, and another one for Monday. I'll have the Spotlight up by tomorrow and I've recently had the chance to read Luisa Plaja's fabulous Extreme Kissing, so the review of that will probably be up on Saturday. I'm also in the middle of Sarah Dessen's Lock and Key, which is distracting to say the least, knowing that it's sitting there, waiting for me as I type away!

I'll leave you with random quotes from the pages of the books I currently have open, one of which I really want to read more of, and the other I have read entirely too much of writing this essay. But enjoy!

Lock and Key (page 338, UK edition)
'Well,' he said, 'I looked for one that said "If you expect the worst you'll never be disappointed", but they were all out.'

The Tempest (Act I, Scene I, lines 365-366)
You taught me language; and my profit on't
Is, I know how to curse.


  1. Ahh don't worry, I feel your essay pain. Make your studies number one and then come back to us when you can! :)

  2. Good luck for those deadlines, and sending virtual chocolate to see you through! xx