Tuesday, 7 April 2009

More contests!!

I know I haven't been around much lately, but I've been busy visiting family and reading City of Glass! Anyway, it seems that recently the amount of contests on the YA blogosphere has got way bigger. So because I haven't posted enough reviews lately, I've collected all of these contests for you instead. I'm sorry if I've missed yours out - it's non-intentional, but I'm mostly doing this by memory. If I have missed any out, please tell me in the comments and I'll update the post.

Yan and Carol are having daily giveaways for April Fools - ends 25th April

Lauren from Shooting Stars Mag has organised a huge giveaway for the release of Willow. You just have to buy the book to be in with the chance to win a ton! - ends 30th April

Elizabeth Scott is having an out-of-this-world contest for anyone who's bought Something, Maybe. Just send in proof and you could win a star! - ends 26th April

Lauren also has a copy of Shrinking Violet to give away - ends 30th April

Chelsea is giving away a signed copy of Wake - ends 15th April

Jenny at Books of Wonder is offering a copy of Looking for Alaska to one commenter - ends 13th April

The Epic Rat is going giveaway crazy with The Agency - ends 13th April - a choice of Wicked goodies - ends 17th April - and Girls in Trucks - ends 28th April. And on top of that, she's having a monthly contest to win a book of your choice!

Stella has a copy of Undone - ends 17th April

The Story Siren has ten copies of Sophomore Switch (US only) - ends 9th April -Something, Maybe (US only) - ends 10th April - and a signed copy of Fade - ends 5th May

Sharon (who loves books and cats) has a copy of me, my elf, and i - ends 21st April

Steph Su has Swim the Fly to give away (US and Canada only again) - ends 17th April

Luisa over at Chicklish is giving away a signed copy of Extreme Kissing every week - ends 24th April

And that's it my lovelies, but let me also tell you that Steph Su does a great weekly roundup of giveaways you might want to check out, and Laina has a blog devoted to gathering contest links at Book Contest Links which I highly recommend.

I'd also like to thank The Epic Rat for giving me the Sisterhood Award - or is it the FAMILYhood award now? When I started blogging I had no idea of how many good friends I'd make and I'm really grateful to each and every one of you lovely readers, commenters, and bloggers. I know, cheesy, but so true. I didn't think people would actually ever read what I was writing!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout! And yay for contest lists. Don't they just make you happy? :)

  2. Yeah, it makes me realise how many opportunities there are to win free books! People are great!

  3. Hooray for contest roundups! I haven't had time to round them up like you, Steph, and others have done!

    Thanks for the promo! :) I have gone giveaway-crazy! And I cannot make myself stop!

    And I agree - everyone is SO nice in blogland! And so generous! :)

  4. Great roundup!

    Can I add mine? I'm giving away a signed copy of Extreme Kissing by, uh, me (Luisa Plaja), every Friday in April. It's open to entries worldwide.

    See Chicklish for details!

  5. There are lots of contests aren't there? But hey, I love winning books!

  6. Sorry Luisa, I was going to add yours but then... I forgot. It's up there now though, thanks for the reminder.

  7. Great contests, cheers!

    Just to let you know, I've given you an award:


  8. oh yay! I like it when you do these, cause then i don't have to go hunting everywhere which takes hours.

  9. Thanks everyone. I might do this more often.

  10. Dude!!!! You mentioned my blog!!! *Does happy dance*

  11. Yeah Laina, I mentioned your blog cos I love it! It must take you ages to get all of those links together though, this one post took long enough!