Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Book review - The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen

Macy is cool, calm and collected. She is ‘fine. Just fine.’ But on the inside she is still struggling to come to terms with her dad’s sudden death. Her perfect boyfriend has gone to brain camp, leaving her with the prospect of an endless summer, spent studying and working at the library with two girls who hate her. Enter Wish Catering, who serve the food at a party her mum hosts. On a whim, Macy takes them up on a job offer and is suddenly thrown into a chaotic, disorganised world. For Macy, who’s become organised as a way of dealing with her dad’s death, this is difficult to handle. But she soon makes new friends and begins to learn that she doesn’t have to be perfect after all.

From people who like Sarah Dessen, I always hear that they love all her work, but The Truth About Forever one of their favourites (This Lullaby usually being the other). Why it took me this long to read it is really down to the cover. And not even all of the cover. I don’t like the hand. It’s an odd reason not to read a book, but that’s me.
Anyway, I got this at the library and I’m so glad I did! It’s wonderful. The characters are absolutely amazing. I believed in every single one of them and of course, the romance with gorgeous, sexy Wes didn’t hurt. Macy’s job with Wish is the kind of dream job that you’d love and her co-workers are all ideal. I did find that Wes and Bert living on their own near their aunt, who is also near Kristy and Monica was a bit of an idealised community, but then this is storyland! And most of this book is extremely believable, especially Macy’s recovery.

If you want a contemporary teenage book that includes realistic life today without overdramatizing, or becoming patronising, try one by Sarah Dessen. Yes, they usually include recovery from some problem or other, but that’s not the point of them. The point is that they’re fun, emotionally engaging, and realistic with amazing characters that you will want to be your friends.


  1. I LOVE this book! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And I agree bout Wes.... sawoon!

  2. Wow, is that the UK cover? It's so different from the US one, the one that I'm familiar with... but I still like it!

  3. I liked Dreamland, so I'll add this to my list.

  4. Sawoon indeed =)
    I haven't read Dreamland yet, but I plan to read a whole lot more by Sarah Dessen!